Monday, November 23, 2009

7-11 Hunts Begins!

7E usually have sales on Hotwheels and Matchbox 2 times a year..but the best thing about the promo this time is the offer price! rm4.50 for HW and MBX! it has never been that cheap since the price increased last year.

so yesterday and today i went out to hunt those nice stuff floating around KL-Selangor..weee~

here's how the journey was..



y'day i was only accompanying my mom for shopping so only managed to go to Kg Baru.
and this is what i scored 1st day :) (click for bigger pics)


today was the longest journey ever made..went out on my own and did a round to the places above..exciting! heheh
and the hauls:

i rarely buy multiples unless someone ordered me to..or if the models are trade-able items..heheh
so guys..its not too late..keep ur engine running! :)


ShukzZz said...

cool waves there...
care to spare me the civic n lambo bro?
its been too long since i last bought a piece of hotwheel at kuching...

shaz @ kurz said...

hey shakz, thanx for visiting..the lambo only bought 2 pieces, but i can try look around for more..civic hafta ask "someone" 1st..hehe