Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Curi kereta - the doings of kids or adults??

ok not exactly as in real car but model cars..heh

went to 1U today as i heard there is a J-card members' sale today (24-25th nov), hoping to grab some nice stuff..turned out nothing nice at all and there were no discount for them

so went to Toys'R'Us(TRU) to see see..nothing new as well or kene sapu-ed maybe.
then at Jada corner i saw an empty card..supposedly to host the '63 VW bus pickup.

i encountered these kind of things before at other dept stores..

now im starting to wonder if these are really kids could be the case for the hotwheels card and packs but the Jada required me to use a blade or scissors to cut it nicely..for a kid to leave the card condition like that is out of the question.
its a lil bit of a let down to know there are collectors like them walking around..not only they are part of the cause of the emergence of the "dead-boxes", but they pose negative views to the community.
hope they'll learn their lesson somehow..



Well It may be adults I think. If its a person who then sell it again, wah untung 100%...:(

shaz @ kurz said...

or mayb the kid wants it so much but the dad lazy to just "take it and go"