Monday, November 23, 2009

Jada Option D - Mazda RX-8

Option D 12005 Black Mazda RX-8 Wave 10
this here is the first one to make me started with collecting Jada.
the RX-8 is/was?(lol) my favourite model at the time.
so being introduced to the die-cast version of the car made me totally fell in love with it..
thanx to sinclair(again) for poisoning me with his stuff. T_T

another thing about Jada is the superb paint job and detailing..u rarely get a poor QC from the models..
which is also one of the point that made me attracted to it.

sadly it appears that i am a bit too late to start collecting this series since Jada has stopped its production at late 2005-2006 and the models are no longer available in Malaysia, but that alone couldn't stop me from searching them it seems :)

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