Monday, December 14, 2009

Highway Haulers

I noticed most of the die-cast brands i collect have their own car carriers.
so i have this idea to compare which one of them is the most practical. (click for bigger pics)


Lets start off with '63 VW Bus Pickup from Jada


it is not really a Jada's own design but the VW bus surely is a must have by all die-casters..the sliding bed can be tilt down to make the angle like shown above. the bed has a good grip to prevent the car from sliding backwards in this position.

as u can see the CTR is not the longest casting of mbx but it fits just nice on the bed. this means normal Jada castings wont fit on it unless u slide the bed a lil bit backwards..other than that its just term of design i like this one the most..well it has to be to justify its price..heh

Next is the Highway Hauler from Matchbox.


this is the first car carrier i have in my collection. it used to be my favourite, well, mostly because it was the only one i had at that moment..heh
it's almost impossible to do what i intended to do in the picture above..though the design allows it to imitate a real car carrier but still it can't really hold the position. i put several items at the back, below the bed, and at the front to support the car and the truck in that position, hence the obvious photoshopped pic..hahahah

the beautiful VW sirocco is quite small and yet like the Jada VW bus, it doesnt really fit onto the truck, and that I need to adjust the bed to allow it to fit nicely..but at the first place, i think the truck itself is not in 1/64 scale.
in term of design, i think its perfect since it really replicates the usual carrier truck we see on the road will be even better if we apply some detailing of course.

Then lastly is the Back Slider from Hot Wheels


I wish the truck to be a lil bit bigger than it is but i guess it will then be hard to fit into a standard blister card so cant do much about it.
other than that, nothing about the truck's features disappoint me..u can easily snap the angle in the picture above without the need to worry if the position will hold on or not..actually the bed can slide further backwards till it hit the ground to make it more natural but i didnt notice it until i uploaded this pic.

the build is really solid that even if u shake the truck a bit, the car above it wont fall off..the design of the sliding bed is perfect that it can hold any casting no matter how big or long the car is..well as long as it's in 1/64 scale of course. the unique position of the bed which is on top of the truck is also well thought to preserve space for the car..and without realizing the tilt-up bed actually adding the sweetness to the evo-x featured in the pics.

In conclusion, i would say the Back Slider from Hotwheels is the most practical hauler among all three. sadly i don't find any hauler from Tomica yet so the review is some sort not complete but for now, HW

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