Wednesday, January 13, 2010


just after the hype of the original car of the ghostbusters' car, the '63 cadillac from MBX..Hot wheels released the real ECTO-1 in its mainline series.

thanx to atomkinder for finding the pic in ebay.
just like the batman cards that got the batman logo on top..this one does too.

the preview of the loose car from hwc

from the looks of it, the top part of the car probably can be pulled off, so customizing it would be easier..i guess mattel made it that way so that we can add details to that particular part ourselves.

expected to be the hottest model for 2010 premier, lets hope Malaysia will have plenty of stocks for it..oh yeah, 7E im counting on



Yeah ecto - 1, Aku nak.....Tak de update ke??

shaz @ kurz said...

^ nak hafta wait la sampai sini..heheh