Monday, February 22, 2010

EMS Shipping

It was my 1st time using EMS shipping and buying stuff directly from a Japan based online shop.
amiami got a wonderful offer this February with its 50% off on EMS shipping.
being told how efficient EMS shipping is, i just gotta try it out.
Guess what, it really is efficient! paid on the 17th and receive it on the 20th..
so fast!
what impressed me more was the detailed tracking system shown below.

the packaging is also nice

so guys n girls, go grab the chance now to purchase ur desired stuff while the EMS offer is still on! i think i saved around MYR40 compared to buying it at local hobby shops.
talking about other shipping alternative i've tried,
First Class mail from US will usually takes around 6 days.
renting a container and send by ship from US will take
anyway what did i bought? well it's to be discovered in the post to come..c u soon! :P


kuku said...

EMS is fast and efficient. but if without discount is blarrrrdy expensive. hehe.

shaz @ kurz said...

some just couldnt wait to get it..heh

Addrick said...

sape mau bli, kasitau aku. :)