Monday, February 15, 2010

Revoltech Dante

Wohooo at last, my 1st blog entry on Revoltech!
though the Revoltech button on the side has been there for ages,
now it can finally be
there are a lot of series for Revoltech, but my favorite is only the Yamaguchi series, probably cuz it focuses more on mecha n macho characters..heh
this #003 from Yamaguchi line is the first one in my collection.
being a fan of DMC 3 and 4, i just gotta grab it!
Enjoy the pics! (click for bigger images)

very nice paint effect on the Nevan

Overall very satisfied with the figure, very good paint job, nice weapons (even better if they includes all the weapons in the game..don't mind a slightly increased price..heh)
Nnot sure about others, but some of the parts of my figure like the shoulder and the left leg is not really accurate, limiting the figure's the result i cant seem to do some of the poses that are shown at the back of the box..anyway it was one of Revoltech earlier figures, now they have improve a lot.
i dont think this will be in production anymore, even if there is, maybe the DMC4 version perhaps?

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