Monday, March 1, 2010

Revoltech Full Metal Panic!

So the item that i bought from Amiami was ARX7 Arbalest from Full Metal Panic! series.
i bought the ARX8 Laevatein some time back so this addition is a must..heh
but to my surprise, the paint job on this model is definitely very bad, uneven surface, paint chipping, aagh~ i wonder if others got the same problem.
even though this one is newer than my ARX-8 but the quality seriously lacking compared to the previous one..very sad indeed.

anyway i did some comparison between the two, but for now i focus only the basic look first. equip and unequipped and posing will take a lot of time so that must wait a always, images are click-able

can u see the dang big paint chip at the back of ARX-7? seriously man,
very very very BAD QC!!! grrrr


cool huh? but seriously IMO the ARX-8 is better in general, sturdier, better paint job and more not sure if the reproduction of it with the new packaging will have the same quality or not..i
oh well stay tune for the individual review later on!

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