Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cool-One ®

It's just cool! thanks to my friend kukubeh who poisoned me with it..LOL
The Cool-One® is designed by Mark Jones and was introduced in the 2004 First Editions.
This one though is from the 2010 Hot Wheels Slick Rides which is cooler;
thanks to the lovely mooneyes decals and the superb yellow-line RR wheels.
I just gotta have one. (click for bigger images)


And a little gift from me..Cool-One wallpaper! :D
sorry for the low resolution though (Click for the full-size - 1024x768)

the cool font btw is called calaveras..very cute no? heheh


kuku said...

nice one! hehehe. i haven't uncard mine yet. i see you'll get poison by other toon cars soon. lol.

shaz @ kurz said...

LOL..toon cars with RR wheels might be poisonous..heheh :P

yeh kai said...

where did u buy the hot wheels slick rides

shaz @ kurz said...

bought it at amcorp :)