Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tomica Calsonic Impul Z

Its the Calsonic Impul Z from Super GT 2006 series 12.
I've been looking for its Tomica Limited version but then it seems impossible for now.
so i ended up with the regular version..which is quite nice actually.


u got a sheet of stickers to compensate for the lack of decals but i just dont like stickers..
it will peel of itself in no time.
anyway i got this picture of the tomica limited version from the search..

my..beautiful..seems like i still need to search for it..
if any of u have it and might want to let tell me..heh :)


Rafys78 said...

I have 1 of this & I put the stickers on, & I don't like 'em.
You have to squint your eyes to see the car in its full glory.

shaz @ kurz said...

hahaha..true..which is why i did not apply the stickers.