Monday, June 21, 2010

Revoltech #60 Enki

Bought this last year from a friend and have been kept in box
After finished watching the whole series of the anime last week I'm glad i already bought it.
it would be hard to find this one locally by now.
the series is great goes berserk all the way from the start till the end of the series..LOL

The main body

Fully Equipped

Its featured poses

The Quality of the figure is great with no incorrect molding or imperfect paint job.
the articulation is good enough to imitate its signature poses in the anime.
love it :)


saruman said...

I've seen the series once... but I think it's not my cup of tea... I just can't fully accept the idea that the face is it's body... but well, that's just me :)

shaz @ kurz said...

hahaha...but the cool ones have their faces at two Gundam but with an extra face at the