Monday, June 7, 2010

The Updates are Back!

Hi guys..its been a while since the last update.
but that's it, today onwards hopefully the updates will resume frequently like before.
to my caring friends; no no i didn't quit die-cast/revoltech/gundams etc yet so prepare for more pictures coming up later..heheh :P
anyway to start things up i'll present you my completed 2009 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts!! which i've completed few months ago(though two of them are short-cards; but luckily im not that picky..heheh)

Left to Right:

01/12 '65 Mustang Convertible
02/12 '57 Plymouth Fury
03/12 Bad Bagger
04/12 Fire Eater
05/12 '37 Ford Woodie
06/12 '34 Ford
07/12 Custom '53 Chevy
08/12 Bone Shaker
09/12 '49 Merc
10/12 '55 Chevy
11/12 GMC Motorhome
12/12 Neet Streeter

thanks to my friends for helping me with finishing this short yet tiring
hope my help made u guys happy too..heh :P

edit: i just realized the watermark in the pic says 2010 t-hunts
oops..that's what happen when you late in posting it :P


Danny said...

Congrats on completing the T-Hunts! :D

shaz @ kurz said...

haha thanks! :)

saruman said...

wow! all t-hunts are out!!!!

saruman said...

after a long time, u r back! congrats! :)

shaz @ kurz said...

haha thanx..but note that the Thunts above are of course all are out..heheh

saruman said...

yup, i noticed that.. I mean out of ur box! :)