Friday, July 2, 2010

Revoltech #091 Vash The Stampede

I've watched Trigun the series in 2005 and has been a fan of it since.
The characters are cool and the story is nice too.
After my bad experience with the Revoltech ARX-7, i was afraid this one might have problems with paint job too, but i was glad that not only everything is perfect, it also probably is the best Revoltech figure in my collection yet.

The figure comes with 3 expressions..i prefer the middle one most..unlike my previous revoltechs, the head is now in 2 parts connected together..something like gunpla style of head..a bit of careful work needed there to pull the 2 head parts apart..which i dont really favor..heh

The red-coat parts are kinda loose too..need some tightening to stay in place..
not much work though

Vash's Cool-guy

This pose might look complicated but the 26 joints installed really play a great job here..
love this pose very much.

The pose that actually poisoned me in buying
the simple dio is totally thing surprisingly though this pose was the hardest to apply for me..
glad it worked out in the end..will keep like this for a while.

Anyway for trigun fans out there, this is seriously a must-grab item!
hope u enjoy the pics..really hard work stuff posing this thing...lolz :P
Oh and one last thing, A Wallpaper!!
this one is done properly this time in full HD resolution!
Click the sample picture below and u'll be directed to megaupload.



saruman said...

Wow! I got the old Bandai ones!

shaz @ kurz said...

haha u should get this one then
more amazing
buy buy buy!! heheh :P

fanfigure said...


shaz @ kurz said...

hi, just noticed ur comment ^^
thanks for visiting!