Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yellow Hat YMS Supra

Before i know of Kyosho/Tamiya/Muscle Machine, Tomica Limited has been my target for Super GT cars, but with being Really Limited, its almost impossible to get them especially after u missed the wave few years back.
The TL Super GT have been selling locally since probably 5 years ago but at the time diecast hobby was not really popular. only now new collectors like myself trying hard looking for it everywhere..LOL

Anyway got this from an online seller.
he was selling it in a good price too.

adding radial+motion blur seems like is becoming a habit now..hmmm

mmm wonder how many of you fancy such weird exhaust placement? heheh

unlike other cars from tomica, the Super GT cars do not have any open-able parts.
but it doesn't matter because the car itself is already a great collector item.
the only difference is now that i know there are many more manufacturers producing GT cars,
it will not be impossible to collect them anymore. :)

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