Friday, August 20, 2010

VW Samba Van

One of many popular castings to collectors is this samba van,
or its other name; T2 Bus, produced in 1951! surprisingly i could still see it on the road sometimes,
and in a very good condition too.
in fact, my friend even told me any VW car is a collector's item..
so if u wanna start in a new brand of diecast start with its VW first, he added..heheh
Not my 1st Maisto by the way but the 1st one to be loosed and taken pics of.
Maisto has improve a lot lately in its new releases of cars.
for the retail price of rm18-20, it is a good rival to Hot Wheels Speed Machine series and maybe even Tomica Limited, especially since new models of Tomica Limited have been a little bit boring lately to me..heh

The chrome engine is really cool..heh
The top part has a separate piece that could be open if u want to see the interior
but it will need a little bit of work though.
Anyway there are many variants for this casting by now..just grab if u like it! :)


saruman said...

holy big bug! beautiful!

shaz @ kurz said...