Thursday, September 30, 2010

Perodua Kelisa

This Kelisa is the only 1:24 scale model in my collection.
Bought it because it's a replica of the car i own
Not sure about the brand but it was made in china.
The only place i remember selling them was ToyCity few years back.
some Carrefour also do have them in stock but all in bad condition.
must have been kept too long in the store.

There are are few Malaysian cars being produced in scale models
but the quality is usually not up to par with the others..
this Kelisa fortunately though is of decent quality.
At least in the pictures above it does looks good and quite accurate
when compared to the real car.
Am loving both the real car and the scale model.
Who cares what TG Clarkson says anyway right!! hahah :P


Danny said...

i've seen Waja police car and Myvi scale models as well, but still no proton... :( dunno if the guys at HW thread can custom a Saga BLM or not... :P

shaz @ kurz said...

yea but the waja and myvi seriously not nice..out of proportion.

Danny said...

haha, yeah, they look kinda weird actually. especially the myvi. but still, nice find for the kelisa. :D

saruman said...

awesome! and yes what a coincidence we both blog about our car at the same time!

shaz @ kurz said...

haha thanx for dropping by :)

akmal said...

salam 1 malaysia....
need some opinion on kelisa ratio of rpm...
whats the standard rpm n mileage for kelisa?
coz mine goes 80kmh on 3000 rpm...
email me at