Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tomica Limited #0098 : Honda Civic Type R

Being like the 4th highest in the car sales statistic in Malaysia according to Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), it's no wonder that Honda cars are really popular with the locals.
Popular that even someone who owns a Mercedes put TypeR accessories like floor mats or neck-rest in their cars LOL =.=
Which is why this particular tomica limited CTR is considered valuable.
as a CTR fan (not so die-hard though), i'm glad i was able to grab this car when it reached our shore.
I heard the stock for this car finished even before reaching the official importer shop (Littak)..LOL
The one extra thing i really like about tomica limited is the packaging.
If the packaging is like hot wheels and the likes, i doubt we'll ever see the loose pictures of this car on the net, well maybe at online shop websites though LOL.

Loving this angle :)

Apart from it being a CTR, i find it quite a disappointment. the paint job is messy at some parts
(i edited some of it in the pics), the open-able hood reveals a poorly detailed engine.
I prefer if it has open-able doors really.
but then again, its a CTR and there are none from other brands that produced it in 1:64 scale,
Thus this is a keeper indeed :)


saruman said...


shaz @ kurz said...

haha but it just got a "not cool" rating XD
but 1st two pics really look awesome XD

Ricardo said...

nice casting, congratz!!!

kown said...

lamp painting look ugly.. but cool u got this..very hard to find this bro ;)

shaz @ kurz said...

haha thanx :)