Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tomica Limited #0120 : Lancer EX2000 Turbo

This TL was out last July. For some reason the stock on this one is quite low locally
so i guess i was quite fortunate to be able to grab it.
This EX2000 is popular because of its involvement in the 1982 Rally of the 1000 lakes in Finland,
where it achieved 3rd place. Also it earned the reputation of Europe fastest available 2WD drive production car in the 2-litre category in 1981.
With its powerful engine and well-balanced handling, the EX went on to become a proud successor to the first Lancer. The achievement it had in the past surely make the die-cast be in any Lancer fan wanted list.

Another reason why i like this car is because of its similarities with Proton's 1st generation Saga,
which was out in 1985, and stay in production till 2008! very long indeed.

Even though actually the Saga was based on the 4th generation Lancer,
i think it looks more like the EX2000..good car it was. :)


komenda said...

Nice one indeed! congrats

shaz @ kurz said...

thanks ^^

kuku said...

Litt Tak restock this TL last friday. :)

shaz @ kurz said...

woo i paid a bit extra for this :(
heheh :P

saruman said...

Hi shaz. I'm also about to post the same thing when I read ur blog... another coincident? :) The Lancer is a beauty!

shaz @ kurz said...

haha its ur car's father
saga father..heheh

Eric @ Loon said...

Nice collection!