Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

R34 is one of my favorite sports car and also loved by all JDM enthusiast.
therefore i always looking for the most perfect casting of this model in the scale of 1/64 to add to my 1st casting of the car was from Jada, which was bigger than average 1/64 cars with interesting decals but unfortunately the IMO not really perfect.
then came Hot Wheels and despite it being in the cheaper range, the casting is really good but lack some day i was looking at ebay i finally found a really good and almost perfect casting of R34,
and it is from Tamiya..and here it is!

comes in a box with base

Superb detailing

also with opening doors!

One thing though the size of this is quite small compared to other brands..not sure which one is accurately following the 1/64 scale..i find the kyosho version alittle similar but not with the opening doors thus making tamiya the winner of them all. anyway for some comparisons;

You might wanna say what about Tomica Limited version of the car? IMHO the casting of TL is surprisingly disappointing..while the TL certainly a keeper for its popularity and value, but the accuracy of the casting is not really to my about you? from which brand do you think has the best R34 casting in 1/64 scale in your collection?


Danny said...

the best 1:64 R34 i've ever seen so far. jealous la bro. congrats! :D

shaz @ kurz said...

thanks..indeed beautiful but quite small also compared to others in its scale.