Sunday, January 2, 2011

Custom Cars

Car customizing is becoming popular among collectors nowadays.
since the manufacturing cost is getting higher every year..there are less and less tampo and details given in the original design of the cars sold in the market..thus customizing is the best option to get the variants and designs we collectors like most.
below are some custom cars that i had my friend Andrew@cham did for me..they are quite cool.

 it is hard to find the red color of this car, i asked for it to be repainted in red

i got this from amcorp in a very bad condition. straight away sent it for restoration.

love the blancpain gallardo..luckily hot wheels came out with the casting 

another car that is not available in red so i have it repainted..
i like the normal red that most FE Ferraris have more though :P

some brands like hotwheels, tomica and even fastlanes have really good and accurate castings but sometimes the lack of details put me off from buying..customizing keeps the hobby alive and fun.
the only things hindering me from starting this new venture are the lack of time and tools.
hopefully soon i'll be able to join the fun too :)

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