Sunday, January 16, 2011

HWCM 2nd Annual Dinner!

Finally the curtain on 2011 has been officially raised with the 2nd annual dinner of HWCM
a lot of interesting hauls and hunting stories have been shared, and a lot of new friends joining the now matured and strong HWCM community..where the amazing happens (oops where did i hear this phrase? mmm =P).

This time the attendees were around 60 people..which is double the previous event! the activities done are basic cars race, RR wheels cars race and lucky draw. Thanks to the members contributing a lot of awesome prizes making the events more interesting.

These are the door gift for every attendee. a basic car, two super cool club cars and a 10 sticks of satay coupon LOL..fortunately for me i got the chase version of the SP2 club car that comes in co-mold wheels.

The venue - Restaurant Puteri, TTDI KL.

The Attendees - Full House! ^_^

Some of Lucky draw and race winners..the Luckiest will receive a set of 2010 regular Treasure Hunts!!
Now that is something to be bragged about XD

The thanks to alfagta

The charity cars which are meant for bidding..the profit from the sales will go to charity.
This is such a cool idea from the committees. as we always say, sharing is caring =)

you can also bring your cars for trade or buy them with bargain price!

Some of the Rarest cars made their appearance too! and in loose!! OMG XD

A presentation of custom cars from some of HWCM's very own customizers danielh and thunderhawk.
Love the mini 7-Eleven and the red Evo X the most!

The Food is great favorite would be the Baked potato with cheese..
wouldn't mind another round of that! ^_^

The Happy Family

Overall the dinner was a success and great thanks to the committees for organizing such a great event.
hopefully the coming years will keep getting better and better! All the best! =)


kuku said...

nice pic. but it's time to upgrade to DSLR. :p

shaz @ kurz said...

aihh dunno what time will that be..heheh :P

Cawan said...

i have tag u! ha haa..

kown said...

superb committees..nxt year hope more collectors can join the dinner HWCM ;)

Danny said...

Looks like an awesome event! With lots of awesome cars too. :P

shaz @ kurz said...

baru igt leh tag cam fb ke pe

waiting for ur pictures en k-own! heheh

everyone got their share of free cars..hohoho


nice event, congratulations.....

danielh said...

thanks for sharing, i've forgot to bring along my camera...haha

lucky to catch some glimpse of my display here..

drift-prince said...

Hi i m new to HW.. How can i join tis community too? thanks in advance (

shaz @ kurz said...

no problem! anyone is welcome!
just join us here! :D