Thursday, March 10, 2011

THE Bugatti Veyron

We all know why Bugatti Veyron is so popular; it's the fastest, most epic, most expensive, most majestic looking street legal car. well if we talk about being the fastest, the normal Veyron is no longer the one but its Super Sport version still is! As a tribute to this awesome car ever i thought of getting the best replica of it.

Being a 1/64 scale collector, surely i'll not buy the 1/18 nor the 1/43 version even though the detailing is next to perfect. Hotwheels was the only brand i can look up for one but it cant really represent the charming charisma the real car has. Then i found out about this Limited Edition Veyron from AutoArt, ooh how expensive it is! lol..but lucky me, during my visit in Beijing i found a shop selling it at a very irresistible price..So here it is!!!!

The limited edition comes with plain rough cardboard type of box instead of the normal glossy ones.
i prefer the normal ones

At Beijing, most of the original and expensive stuff like jade especially have certificates to guarantee its it was kinda funny when i showed to my family, see even my Veyron got its own cert! XD

Too need for me to tell you which part of it is awesome..everything is!!
But then if you still want me to specifically mention the most awesome part of it, i would say it's the wheels!!

The engine detailing is nice too, with minimal shading. Love the clear front lights!

OK i know it's seriously unfair to put Hotwheels side by side with the AA but I have no other brands with me to compare it with..and I just noticed I don't have the Hotwheels Speed Machines version either lol
Anyway what I can say here is this is the quality you'll get if you pay like 5 times the standard price of Hotwheels (RM40 to RM7) LOL
But then, it's also 10 times the awesomeness, making it totally worth it =D

Veyron at its best!

If you got poisoned kaw kaw by this post, you might wanna ask, Where to get it???
well, So far i only know selling it for around RM60 or for those in Singapore at SGD25 like reported by my friend..OR you can just stop by Beijing and get it for RM40!! hahahaha~~ XD


kown said...

wow!! bugatti from autoart..the another silver color? :D

kuku said...

the wheels is nice, but too bad not really a fan of veyron. the front is really ugly! :p

komenda said...

one of the best!

shaz @ kurz said...

not sure about the silver one
i saw one but it's the 1/43

worth just for the wheels! :P

surely is! :D

hokuan said...

Fuah! One of the best!

angzzas said...

rubber tyre?

shaz @ kurz said...

and u got the rest of the best!
gimme some! lolol :P

of course! :D

kenalinegaraku4u2c said...

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Vincent Séguin said...

The Siku Roadster one would be quite interesting to compare. Nice pics!

shaz @ kurz said...

hi vincent thanks for visiting.
yeah the siku version is interesting but again problem with it's wheels..not hot enough..haha

Vincent Séguin said...

Nothing's better than Kyosho, too bad they are completely out of price. Where do you take them?

shaz @ kurz said...

i bought this bugatti at beijing for a very cheap price (not cheap like HW but far cheaper than local price)