Monday, April 18, 2011

Elite Transporter: Evo X

I dont have much car transporter in my collection. The one i like most so far is the '63 VW Bus Pickup from Jada ..the one from MBX real working rigs series is interesting too but the price is not appealing. Lastly i went with this simply because it also comes with an Evo X!

The Transporter with Evo X

The appeals of this car are the low ride and the decals..
detailing wise are good too though i don't really like the painting on the front lights.
i think it looks funny.

Another minus for me is the deep offset of the wheels and that the front wheels are really thin!
but it looks ok if you are not looking at it at this view..heh

The transporter also has good decal design and detailing on it. 
The flatbed is wide and able to accommodate most if not all 1/64 cars i have from any other brands.
It can be tilted to imitate real working rigs too.   

Comparison with other Evo X casting from Tomica Limited and Hot Wheels, 
I think you can tell which is which from the pictures..heheh
To me, all have their own strength and weakness in terms of looking awesome 
but overall i think tomica limited still the best as it looks closest to the real thing.

So in the end, it depends on the collector's preferences, some will just buy from certain brand, some will buy the most accurate and best and some will just collect any Evo X casting out there. Well, this one is still a good addition for me.


Fid"s said...

I search the real evo,
not RC evo

shaz @ kurz said...

dont worry this is real evo but in small scale..not RC model..kakaka :P