Thursday, October 13, 2011

1:64 BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

First saw this car on an advertisement last year..there are many concept cars introduced through out the year but this one in particular really stands out! even more so when it is featured in Mission Impossible 4 movie..thanks to hokuan for bringing this one in bulk! Love it!

comes with a simple box..going green concept i guess..heh

the most photogenic car in my collection yet! Comparing to the real car, the only things missing are the side mirrors..other parts of it are very accurately done..totally impressed!

the interior looks calm and neat!

Overall very satisfied with the car..heard from the seller that the car is made by Jada. which is why i have confidence to buy it straight without looking it up close. though the only thing im hoping is for it to have a better set of wheels..but I wonder if the real car itself uses normal rubber tires..probably not? well doesnt really matter since it still looks great!


ronnychee96@hobbiescorner said...

wow!!Dont know that this concept BMW also can do the "korner baring" too!! ahahah! Hokuan bring this in?? How come he didnt PM me?? arrghh!! he he!
Btw..this one really look nice and worth a collect!! congrat to u!!

shaz @ kurz said...

hahaha concept car must do corner baring to show it is stabil..haha
i think hokuan only posted about it in FB..that's y u didnt see it kot..hehe

hokuan said...

Haha, yeah, only posted on Facebook for this car. Lowyat less ppl see ma..