Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aston Martin One-77

Yet another stunning model from Aston Martin made its way into Hot Wheels!

painted the back lights and it became even more perfect! 
IMO It's a must so that we can clearly see the unique design of the tail lights.

always like their rear designs!

comparison with previous releases of Aston Martin cars..the One-77 is a bit small compare to its brothers. Also notice the grille of One-77 protrude to the front because it is not riveted on the front side. Wish they rivet both sides so it would be like the other two.

Other than that? No Complain! Love it! XD


ronnychee96@hobbiescorner said...

wow!!Love those pics!!And look great after some touch-up to the rear light!! Err..where's the "corner baring " pics?? Bond can do this...u know? :)

komenda said...

great line up of Aston. Yes, Bond will approve of these.

shaz @ kurz said...

corner baring not applied to group photos..heheh

Bond sure knows which car to pick!