Friday, January 13, 2012

Nissan GT-R

The name GT-R is already a well known brand in Malaysia even if the person is not a collector nor a car enthusiast. For me, the name GT-R became known when it was featured in the anime Initial-D. (yeah not much of a car lover back then :-p) And also when one of my seniors from school brought the car (R32) back from Japan. Though the wiki has been live on the internet for a really long time, i never really check how the history of GT-R is like. I've only known it since the R32 till the current R35.
Finally last year Hot Wheels came out with many cool models of classic race cars, including two of R32 predecessors, which are the HakoSuka and KenMeri that are known to the world wayy back from 1969 and 1973! Only then that i realized that my GT-R collection is actually completed! lol..So here are them!

Sadly, Hot Wheels didnt produce the R33 in their mainline so far so the one from tomica will be the representative lol..Anyway in this post I have the idea to let you see how the design of the GT-Rs evolved in each of their line-ups..pretty cool when you compare it like this :)