Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gumpert Apollo

Hi guys! it has been a while! Gonna do a short post on this awesome casting by Siku! yeah it is my second one and seems like the brand is becoming familiar in my collection. Since the size of Siku cars are slightly bigger at ~1/50 scale, i rarely buy them unless the casting is really hard to find from other 1/64 manufacturers, like this Gumpert Apollo!

Not Particularly the prettiest car, but certainly an eye catcher! 
Great job to siku for the awesome details done to the car

clear plastics for both front and rear lights. sadly though the wheels doesn't do justice
Will be great if Hotwheels can spare them some wheels 

Gull-wing doors! used to be popular last time..seems like the trend now is scissor doors i guess? 

nicely printed decals at the back..though the finishing is quite rough but is tolerated at this price point.
notice the doors also are not fit nicely when closed.

With a top speed of 360km/h and an acceleration of 3.1secs for the 0-100km/h dash, the car used to be the fastest on the Top Gear track for some seasons. which is why the casting was in my wishlist! Glad to own such a monstrous car!


Eric @ Loon said...

If Hotwheels gonna have Gull-wing door opened, I think gaps more obvious

shaz @ kurz said...

haha yea cuz of the small size!
even kyosho dont have yet..
let's keep that dream on..haha

Alberto said...

Linda miniatura, tenho um também.

shaz @ kurz said...

hi alberto,

glad to see u have one too!