Sunday, November 29, 2009

Muscle Machines JGTC Wedssport Celica

Accidentally bought this to ease the combine shipping in ebay, but without realizing it has becomes one of my favourites!

i do have JGTC cars from tomica but this one here is definitely a step higher with its detailing..and most importantly, open-able doors! lol
later i found out that it is using the same casting of the Tamiya JGTC series like shown below;

Image Hosted by

but sold under the brand Muscle machines in US..really love the detailing done to these cars..while the Tamiya version are no more in production, have to find the rest now from Muscle Machines while its still there! yet another brand to collect p(^o^)q

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hajj Mubarak!

wishing all my Muslim friends Hajj Mubarak!

A lil bit about hajj :the journey of a lifetime...

Matte Color Cars

i really have a spot for sport cars with matt colors..not only they look good on real cars but to scale models too..coincidentally, this year there's a bunch of nice matt color model releases..

the first one is corvette c6r which i got last month thanks to Alan for keeping one for came with '34 Ford TH..which im yet to get a hold of..soon maybe..heh

then comes the Ford GT-LM..been aiming for this one since i saw the video of a visit to HW factory..its really cool and i think tampo-wise, this one stands up came with Boneshaker TH.

and lastly the exotic looking Lamborghini Gallardo..the black looks so cool that u feel like buying more n more everytime seeing it on the one came with Fire Eater TH.

there's another one that im still looking for which is the Lamborghini Reventon that came in matt grey color and together with Neet Streeter TH..the wave didnt managed to reach KL area thus i missed the chance to own it..hope my fellow members can spare me one..hehehe

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Curi kereta - the doings of kids or adults??

ok not exactly as in real car but model cars..heh

went to 1U today as i heard there is a J-card members' sale today (24-25th nov), hoping to grab some nice stuff..turned out nothing nice at all and there were no discount for them

so went to Toys'R'Us(TRU) to see see..nothing new as well or kene sapu-ed maybe.
then at Jada corner i saw an empty card..supposedly to host the '63 VW bus pickup.

i encountered these kind of things before at other dept stores..

now im starting to wonder if these are really kids could be the case for the hotwheels card and packs but the Jada required me to use a blade or scissors to cut it nicely..for a kid to leave the card condition like that is out of the question.
its a lil bit of a let down to know there are collectors like them walking around..not only they are part of the cause of the emergence of the "dead-boxes", but they pose negative views to the community.
hope they'll learn their lesson somehow..

Monday, November 23, 2009

7-11 Hunts Begins!

7E usually have sales on Hotwheels and Matchbox 2 times a year..but the best thing about the promo this time is the offer price! rm4.50 for HW and MBX! it has never been that cheap since the price increased last year.

so yesterday and today i went out to hunt those nice stuff floating around KL-Selangor..weee~

here's how the journey was..



y'day i was only accompanying my mom for shopping so only managed to go to Kg Baru.
and this is what i scored 1st day :) (click for bigger pics)


today was the longest journey ever made..went out on my own and did a round to the places above..exciting! heheh
and the hauls:

i rarely buy multiples unless someone ordered me to..or if the models are trade-able items..heheh
so guys..its not too late..keep ur engine running! :)

Tomica Limited #0099

Nissan GT-R is becoming ever popular since its world debut in 2009.
i knew i need to have one model no matter from what brand it is.
luckily my friend kevin or also known as deblyrie(dunno what it introduced me to the Tomica Limited version. at the time i knew about tomica but i didn't really collecting any of their models. thanx to kevin im now poisoned into yet another brand of die-cast. >_>
but for sure, this one is a must have for any collectors out there!

if u might have noticed, all my models will have a similar viewing angles. i could say it had become my trademark; especially the first pic's angle..hehe :D

Jada Option D - Mazda RX-8

Option D 12005 Black Mazda RX-8 Wave 10
this here is the first one to make me started with collecting Jada.
the RX-8 is/was?(lol) my favourite model at the time.
so being introduced to the die-cast version of the car made me totally fell in love with it..
thanx to sinclair(again) for poisoning me with his stuff. T_T

another thing about Jada is the superb paint job and detailing..u rarely get a poor QC from the models..
which is also one of the point that made me attracted to it.

sadly it appears that i am a bit too late to start collecting this series since Jada has stopped its production at late 2005-2006 and the models are no longer available in Malaysia, but that alone couldn't stop me from searching them it seems :)

Preferred Series - Got Speed?

one day i saw my fellow collector sinclair showed me a very nice yellow viper with RR without second thought i went to the "evilbay" to look for it.
luckily there was a complete set for sale..and here they are:

and the line-ups are:

no. 1/4 - the said Dodge Viper GTS-R

no. 2/4 - Cadillac Cien Concept
i dont collect this casting but this version looks nice too

no.3 - Ferrari 360 Modena
not many nicely detailed 360 Modena releases..thus really glad to have this in the collection

no.4 - Mercedes SL55
it would have been perfect if the front headlights are detailed..stingy lah =/

that is all for the Preferred series, wonder what will be my aim next? mmm :D

Preferred Series - Super Street

this one here is my first hot wheels preferred series collection.
preferred series are usually in a set of 4 cars.
the main attraction here surely are the rubber tires and the nice detailing..

no.1/4 - Nissan Skyline R32

no.2/4 - Honda Civic

no.3/4 - Toyota Celica

no.4/4 - Super Tsunami aka Toyota Supra

since it is VERY hard for me to get $uper T-HUNT, these are the best way to cure my crave for Real Rider wheels..LOL :P

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Salam @ Hi All!

This will be my first blog after few years of using the

i like to travel, collecting die-cast cars, gunla-ing, snap pictures and find nice places to eat.

this blog is for me to express these interests of mine.

hope u enjoy reading / viewing / commenting on anything in this blog.

till then..daaa~