Sunday, November 29, 2009

Muscle Machines JGTC Wedssport Celica

Accidentally bought this to ease the combine shipping in ebay, but without realizing it has becomes one of my favourites!

i do have JGTC cars from tomica but this one here is definitely a step higher with its detailing..and most importantly, open-able doors! lol
later i found out that it is using the same casting of the Tamiya JGTC series like shown below;

Image Hosted by

but sold under the brand Muscle machines in US..really love the detailing done to these cars..while the Tamiya version are no more in production, have to find the rest now from Muscle Machines while its still there! yet another brand to collect p(^o^)q


Joey said...

I have the complete set of 6 cars available for sale.

shaz @ kurz said...

hi there sorry didnt notice your reply here.
i got the full set already..thanks for the offer and for the visit :)