Sunday, January 24, 2010

Speed Machines

Just when i feel bored and lazy to hunt..these two came to me.
they are my debuts into the new series from Hot Wheels; Speed Machines.
with a promising line of car models introduced in this series, it is no doubt worthy to replace the Ferrari Racer Series, though i would still miss them much.
no more red cars for
replacing the FR, the retail price for this series is also at RM14.90 each, pretty expensive again 7E, i place my hope on the next sale of urs :P
(click for bigger images)


finally found the Reventon, one of the castings im looking for most.
the black co-mo wheels are definitely cool but i still prefer the simplicity and neat design of the 2009 FE Reventon..if i ever found 1..definitely gonna swap the wheels..heheh

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tomica Town

since hardly go hunting nowadays i decided to buy something new, tomicatown!
been poisoned by a forummer in lyn who built an awesome looking miniaturize city using multiple sets of tomicatown.
was contemplating whether to buy the nissan showroom or this nippon rent-a-car set but in the end decided to get the rent-a-car set..since it will be more general that any cars would be suitable to be displayed with it.
well on with the show! (images are click-able)

wah wah new shop open in town!

wah 1st time i see a rental car shop renting GT cars! lol

woo calsonic Z tuuu..but ni mass production la..i cari limited tak jumpe..heh

i wanna drive calsonic Z but impossible to drive on the road lah.
guess i'll rent ur "sirokok" only


3 days later..

Wah! sudah busy this area..

no wonder lah..this bloody f430 driver mana..selamba park here

that's all guys, enjoy the pics..hope u find it poisoning? mmmm~ :P

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


just after the hype of the original car of the ghostbusters' car, the '63 cadillac from MBX..Hot wheels released the real ECTO-1 in its mainline series.

thanx to atomkinder for finding the pic in ebay.
just like the batman cards that got the batman logo on top..this one does too.

the preview of the loose car from hwc

from the looks of it, the top part of the car probably can be pulled off, so customizing it would be easier..i guess mattel made it that way so that we can add details to that particular part ourselves.

expected to be the hottest model for 2010 premier, lets hope Malaysia will have plenty of stocks for it..oh yeah, 7E im counting on