Sunday, January 24, 2010

Speed Machines

Just when i feel bored and lazy to hunt..these two came to me.
they are my debuts into the new series from Hot Wheels; Speed Machines.
with a promising line of car models introduced in this series, it is no doubt worthy to replace the Ferrari Racer Series, though i would still miss them much.
no more red cars for
replacing the FR, the retail price for this series is also at RM14.90 each, pretty expensive again 7E, i place my hope on the next sale of urs :P
(click for bigger images)


finally found the Reventon, one of the castings im looking for most.
the black co-mo wheels are definitely cool but i still prefer the simplicity and neat design of the 2009 FE Reventon..if i ever found 1..definitely gonna swap the wheels..heheh


kuku said...

i'm also placing my hope on 7E promotion. wakaka. btw that reventon would probably look better withtout that white line. =.="

shaz @ kurz said...

definitely better! heh