Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cosy Place Wangsa Maju

I just have to blog about this since it was my 1st time having a really big feast at a restaurant. Me and family wanted to celebrate my dad's birthday, and i feel like wanting to try a new place. My friend recommended me the restaurant Cosy Place and asked me to give it a try. Before i usually dine in San Fransisco Pizza at the front of where this Restaurant is located.

the restaurant has a very nice interior design n it does suit the name Cosy place.
suitable if u wanna make birthday celebrations or even having a romantic dinner.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jada Option D 5-Deep

It's hard to get Option D cars in individual packaging nowadays since it was a 2005-2006 production,
unless u hit ebay.
after searching for it at most online hobby stores, i found one at Collectable Diecast online shop.


got it for USD14.99 i think..which means around MYR10 per car..yes, so bloody cheap.
i think 5-Deep in TRU Malaysia is sold at around MYR120 each. T_T
below are the cars in the 5-pack

this 300ZX casting is not really accurate IMO, too bulky looking.

really glad to have them in my hands as it was the last unit in stock. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

EMS Shipping

It was my 1st time using EMS shipping and buying stuff directly from a Japan based online shop.
amiami got a wonderful offer this February with its 50% off on EMS shipping.
being told how efficient EMS shipping is, i just gotta try it out.
Guess what, it really is efficient! paid on the 17th and receive it on the 20th..
so fast!
what impressed me more was the detailed tracking system shown below.

the packaging is also nice

so guys n girls, go grab the chance now to purchase ur desired stuff while the EMS offer is still on! i think i saved around MYR40 compared to buying it at local hobby shops.
talking about other shipping alternative i've tried,
First Class mail from US will usually takes around 6 days.
renting a container and send by ship from US will take
anyway what did i bought? well it's to be discovered in the post to come..c u soon! :P

Monday, February 15, 2010

Revoltech Dante

Wohooo at last, my 1st blog entry on Revoltech!
though the Revoltech button on the side has been there for ages,
now it can finally be
there are a lot of series for Revoltech, but my favorite is only the Yamaguchi series, probably cuz it focuses more on mecha n macho characters..heh
this #003 from Yamaguchi line is the first one in my collection.
being a fan of DMC 3 and 4, i just gotta grab it!
Enjoy the pics! (click for bigger images)

very nice paint effect on the Nevan

Overall very satisfied with the figure, very good paint job, nice weapons (even better if they includes all the weapons in the game..don't mind a slightly increased price..heh)
Nnot sure about others, but some of the parts of my figure like the shoulder and the left leg is not really accurate, limiting the figure's the result i cant seem to do some of the poses that are shown at the back of the box..anyway it was one of Revoltech earlier figures, now they have improve a lot.
i dont think this will be in production anymore, even if there is, maybe the DMC4 version perhaps?

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hi all, its fun to see alot of people visiting my blog.
and so i thought of doing some wallpapers from time to time as souvenirs for u guys,
im just using a trustworthy 3-4 years old digicam so i cant really provide very high resolution wallpapers.
probably the best resolution i can give is around 1366x768.
so here are the starters..
click the pictures to download the full size.

enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Speed Machines Ferrari 333SP

bought this from a friend..whenever i see a red Ferrari i will buy it for sure!
well not really for sure but see the price 1st..heh :P


and the best part of all, painted front n rear headlights!! lol

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HSBB - our long wait is over?

Following the not so suprising(LOL) article (click) in The Malaysian Insider last year..
i finally see the hype coming.
though still pretty unsure when exactly is the official launch but at least this billboard below shows that it will not be long.

FYI HSBB is a High Speed BroadBand project which is a public-private partnership between Telekom Malaysia and the government. Residents of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Bangsar, both in Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam have been promised broadband speeds of 10 Mbps under the HSBB project.

true or not? well hope for the best..but i dunno, we've been so long with TM that we couldn't put much expectation..but at least it should be better than any of what we have been using..heh
whatever it is, hope it will be affordable and worth it and that it will end all the SCREAMs we heard from the users who use

Monday, February 1, 2010

HWCM 1st Anuual Dinner!

Last night 31st Jan 2010 was the 1st ever HWCM(Hot Wheels Club Malaysia) Annual Dinner.
though not all the members managed to be there but still a lot of us turned up to the event..
glad to meet some of the members for the first time too.
(click for bigger images)

Group Photo

Boneshaker's and Danielh's poisonous garage

Danielh's awesome custom cars

track race participants list

track view

the awesome dinner car and club cars..big thanx to the customizers!

overall a very enjoyable gathering it is..hopefully this wont be the last and perhaps a bigger crowd next time!
come and join us at HWCM! :D