Thursday, March 11, 2010


Wow, yet another C6R related entry.
well since i got many pictures to post, i need to break it up to several entries.
in this entry i want to compare the C6Rs from Jada and Hotwheels.

so pictures 1st..(as usual, click for bigger images)


Click For More Pictures...


Jada cars are always bigger than normal 1/64 cars, even though they categorized their cars as 1/64 scale too. anyway i did think at 1st that hotwheels version is nicer due to the decals, but after comparing them side by side, i guess Jada still wins..IMO, the casting looks more accurate and the bigger size is more satisfying.
but Hotwheels decal design plus the co-mold wheels are irresistible too!
in case you are wondering, the hotwheels follows the

2007 LAGUNA SECA / 2007 ALMS version

while Jada follows the 2005 Sebring GT1 version

man, if Jada comes out with the ALMS version too, im pretty sure to grab it! :)

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