Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jada C6R

Jada BigTime Muscle - Track Series.
2008 production wave 16.

A friend of mine bought it for me while he was in Aussie..thanx :)
This C6R is based on the GT1 Corvette C6.R debuted in 2005 as the successor of C5.R

There are lot of die-cast manufacturers produce this car in 1/64 scale like
Jada, Hot wheels, Kyosho and Greenlight, proof that the car is really popular back then till now.
anyway here are the pics! (click for bigger images)

as usual, the favorite pickup truck will bring the car to the

somehow its funny the car came with chrome rims,
but you'll get used to it after a while..cause its still looks superb!
and if u compare it with the real car above, it perfectly replicating it.
with almost all the decals being present in the body design.

Click For More Pictures...


Now here's one funny thing about Jada that i noticed recently. when i started collecting Jada cars,
i only go for Japanese cars. and ALL their japanese cars have very negative tire
u can refer to my Jap cars from Jada entries to see.
so now that i started buying cars other than Japanese cars, i realized that the cars from other makers have a proper offset! so i was thinking if the "deep dish" wheels in the Japanese car models are intended..
perhaps they designed the cars based on "Ah Bengs" cars in the US? LOL >_>

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