Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Speed Machines: Corvette C6R

Another C6R entry this time featuring the second color of the Speed Machines series, but unfortunately aside from the nice casting, the decal design of this variant cannot uphold the glory of the first variant.
I would say its just like any other typical Hot Wheels tampo design.
But, still a worth to grab for C6R fans and collectors.

Side by side comparison with the first variant.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Maserati MC12

My one and only model from Maserati..This one is from the 2006 First Edition.
Not many variations either..i think only four so far.
It's a nice casting, hopefully they will release a new version of it.

Side by side with its sibling, the Enzo.
The MC12 was supposed to be the road version of the Enzo but looking at its size and practicality,
I guess its impossible after XD

Speed Machines: Ferrari Enzo

Even though some say the Enzo design is like overdoing it but many of the collectors i know love it.
The Speed Machine Enzo is simply perfect for me.
it's in red, co-mould wheels and neat decals.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saleen S7

This S7 is my fourth after the two '08 HW stars and the Speed machines version.
sincerely this one from the 2010 Race World "Speedway" series is the best of all other variants of the casting; mostly because of the racing decals and a spoiler at the back which non of the variants before have it.

If the rear lights and the exhaust tips are touch up, it would have been better than looking than the speed machines version posted earlier, though i think this is already a winner.

Speed Machines: Jaguar XJ220

The XJ220 casting was first out in 1993..
not really my favourite casting but since the Speed machine version has good details on it i decided to buy the jaguar tampo on both sides of the car

Monday, June 21, 2010

Revoltech #60 Enki

Bought this last year from a friend and have been kept in box
After finished watching the whole series of the anime last week I'm glad i already bought it.
it would be hard to find this one locally by now.
the series is great goes berserk all the way from the start till the end of the series..LOL

The main body

Fully Equipped

Its featured poses

The Quality of the figure is great with no incorrect molding or imperfect paint job.
the articulation is good enough to imitate its signature poses in the anime.
love it :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Audi R8

Yet another cool casting from Matchbox; the Audi R8.
it's not a new casting though..
it had came out in quite several variants like silver, black, red etc,
but this year's version is the nicest IMO..let the pictures prove it :)

Hot wheels did release the Audi R8 with the same color scheme for its Speed Machines series,
but the casting is just not as accurate as this one.
it's a good thing means we can skip the Speed Machine version that will cost twice more..
lol :P

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Speed Machines : Ferrari 599 XX

Just when we thought the 1st color C6R is the best of Speed Machines,
here comes another epic, the 599XX!
what so cool about it is it's a new casting and it's a 599XX! lol
Hot Wheels might be the only one producing it right now so its totally a bargain and a must get!
let the pictures do the poisoning :P

and lastly two new wallpapers for u guys in 1366x768 resolution

hope u like 'em :)

Mercedes SLR McLaren

Detailed and Accurate
Matchbox rarely disappoints me in these two important parts.
the exotic-yet-fierce-like-a-shark design is really nice to look at.
A very must have! enjoy the pics! :)

so far there are two varients released; silver and black..
IMO it looks best in silver though :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Speed Machines : Evo X

One of Hot Wheels best castings IMO is the Mitsubishi Evo X.
First released in 2008, the 1st edition already offered quite a well detailed model.
the Speed Machines version adds a little more awesomeness to the casting.
truly one of the sought after models especially here in Malaysia.
Evo fans surely gonna like 'em.

the Speed Machine version with the First Edition version

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Updates are Back!

Hi guys..its been a while since the last update.
but that's it, today onwards hopefully the updates will resume frequently like before.
to my caring friends; no no i didn't quit die-cast/revoltech/gundams etc yet so prepare for more pictures coming up later..heheh :P
anyway to start things up i'll present you my completed 2009 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts!! which i've completed few months ago(though two of them are short-cards; but luckily im not that picky..heheh)

Left to Right:

01/12 '65 Mustang Convertible
02/12 '57 Plymouth Fury
03/12 Bad Bagger
04/12 Fire Eater
05/12 '37 Ford Woodie
06/12 '34 Ford
07/12 Custom '53 Chevy
08/12 Bone Shaker
09/12 '49 Merc
10/12 '55 Chevy
11/12 GMC Motorhome
12/12 Neet Streeter

thanks to my friends for helping me with finishing this short yet tiring
hope my help made u guys happy too..heh :P

edit: i just realized the watermark in the pic says 2010 t-hunts
oops..that's what happen when you late in posting it :P