Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yellow Hat YMS Supra

Before i know of Kyosho/Tamiya/Muscle Machine, Tomica Limited has been my target for Super GT cars, but with being Really Limited, its almost impossible to get them especially after u missed the wave few years back.
The TL Super GT have been selling locally since probably 5 years ago but at the time diecast hobby was not really popular. only now new collectors like myself trying hard looking for it everywhere..LOL

Anyway got this from an online seller.
he was selling it in a good price too.

adding radial+motion blur seems like is becoming a habit now..hmmm

mmm wonder how many of you fancy such weird exhaust placement? heheh

unlike other cars from tomica, the Super GT cars do not have any open-able parts.
but it doesn't matter because the car itself is already a great collector item.
the only difference is now that i know there are many more manufacturers producing GT cars,
it will not be impossible to collect them anymore. :)

Nismo Z Test Car

Finally, after keep being poison by my friend ADvedder and Lkwanz from HWCM,
I got my first kyosho diecast! LOL.
Kyosho is well known for its superiority in detailing and accuracy of its products; on par with minichamps, autoart etc. The level of quality you would expect from their 1:18 scale cars is not missing even in their 1:64 scale cars. Anyway let my pictures do the poisoning now :P

the back looks like a batman

There are two versions of this one with one being the 2005 test car and the other is 2007, mine is the 2007 which i think has slightly more tampo on the casting.
anyway since it's a test car, u will not find much sponsor decals on it.

size comparison with Tomica version of the casting. A bit smaller than the Tomica but the accuracy of the kyosho is definitely top notch! I dont have the Tomica Limited version to compare but it still uses the same casting as the regular tomica so this comparison is acceptable.

I have to admit though Kyosho cars are not cheap.
if I am really gonna collect kyosho cars I'll hafta leave the others..heheh
this one though, i grabbed it from HLJ during their certainly worth it..
hope more Kyosho cars will be put on sale in the coming months! :P

Sunday, July 18, 2010

HW 2010 : Dodge SRT8

As u guys probably notice by now, I'm not really a muscle car fan.
but i fancy cars with heavy tampo/decals on it.
I've been eyeing this SRT8 because of its K&N tampo,
so i could match it with my Jada VW K&N Pickup.
and they really look good together. :)

And lastly, a wallpaper! click for the original size in 1280x960 resolution
Enjoy! :)

Muscle Machines: Daishin Advan Silvia

Another casting from the same Super GT series from Muscle Machines.
just like the previous ones..its awesome!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Muscle Machines: JGTC Reckless MR-S

It has been a while since my first JGTC car review from Muscle Machines. Soon after acquiring the Celica, i hit ebay again to find the remaining models. With a total of only 6 models available currently,
it was not a hard task to get them all.

Openable doors! lol

The Quality of the casting is perfect..its tampos, and all the tiny details are really impressive,
unlike the Celica, the back of this car is well more detailed.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Revoltech #091 Vash The Stampede

I've watched Trigun the series in 2005 and has been a fan of it since.
The characters are cool and the story is nice too.
After my bad experience with the Revoltech ARX-7, i was afraid this one might have problems with paint job too, but i was glad that not only everything is perfect, it also probably is the best Revoltech figure in my collection yet.

The figure comes with 3 expressions..i prefer the middle one most..unlike my previous revoltechs, the head is now in 2 parts connected together..something like gunpla style of head..a bit of careful work needed there to pull the 2 head parts apart..which i dont really favor..heh

The red-coat parts are kinda loose too..need some tightening to stay in place..
not much work though

Vash's Cool-guy

This pose might look complicated but the 26 joints installed really play a great job here..
love this pose very much.

The pose that actually poisoned me in buying
the simple dio is totally thing surprisingly though this pose was the hardest to apply for me..
glad it worked out in the end..will keep like this for a while.

Anyway for trigun fans out there, this is seriously a must-grab item!
hope u enjoy the pics..really hard work stuff posing this thing...lolz :P
Oh and one last thing, A Wallpaper!!
this one is done properly this time in full HD resolution!
Click the sample picture below and u'll be directed to megaupload.