Monday, November 8, 2010

Aston Martin DBR9

Another kyosho stepped in the house. the 1/18 scale version of this car by autoart really blew me away. since i don't collect big scale cars (yet?), i was hoping for a smaller version. Glad to have it in my collection. Actually any Astom Martin is nice to have. They are really beautiful indeed. 

side exhausts!! certainly better than pig nose style..heh

you would think the back lights are just painted but it is actually a separate clear piece. 
kyosho really doesn't let me down here..nice!

comparison with Hot Wheels DBS featured earlier. 
there's also a kyosho version of DBS but imo not really that

And a wallpaper in 1366x768 for u guys! click to get the full size. 
surprisingly the Hot Wheels version doesn't lose in looks here..great looking side by side.

I'm aiming for the Gulf version next. seems harder to get though.


ADVedder said...

wahaha>> dah join kyosho family eh?

shaz @ kurz said...

hoho baru 3 model je..layak join tak..hahaha

hokuan said...

Cantik kurz!

Eric @ Loon said...

Great Kyosho

shaz @ kurz said...

thanks loon! :D

ricardo said...

excellent casting, congratz!!!!!

shaz @ kurz said...

hi there ricardo~
long time no see you here :D

Danny said...

fuh, now investing in kyoshos. :D absolutely great details for the scale, but sometimes the price is a limiting factor.. :p

Rafys78 said...

Droool...... Cun!
Deterred due to the RM.

shaz @ kurz said...

thanx..its not that far-fetch..u can get it too~!! :D

kown said...

takutnye nk lyn kyoho :D tpi mmg superb