Monday, November 1, 2010

Muscle Machines JGTC Amemiya RX-7

Muscle Machine is back now this time featuring the Amemiya Matsumoto-Kiyoshi Aspara RX7!!! *gasp*
as the name is too long i will just shorten it to Amemiya since Amemiya is the car's sports tuner..and also said to be the pioneer of rotary engine tuning.
I first came to like the RX-7 and the rotary engine since watching the anime of initial D back in the 90s.
compared to RX8, the RX7 seems to gain more popularity. and there are a lot of after market body kits and just put any of them it will still look good. guess the design of RX7 can really fit any kind of modifications.

looking at the side, you'll notice how minimum the door gap is. at first glance u might not think that this model actually has open-able doors! very neat.

the only thing that i think too stand out is the big antenna..looks a lil' bit cartoon-ish to me

the popular pig nose 

This exact car driven by T.Ohi and N.Taniguchi managed to win 3rd place in 2003 JGTC. Anyway in case you are wondering, Matsumoto Kiyoshi or Matsu-Kiyo is one of the most popular pharmacy in japan and the Aspara is a type of enegy drink v( ̄∇ ̄)


Runner-Corner said... u get this model? i'm very excited to get model like this...very nice looked...

saruman said...

I saw this last saturday at amcorp mall selling at rm38!!!

mushr00m said...

wow.. nice one there kurz... but have yet to get myself into these castings...

Runner-Corner, you can try visiting this website..
the are the ones saruman mentioned selling in amcorp mall..

shaz @ kurz said...

i bought them in bulk last time through ebay..managed to get it less than rm30
but if u dont want to trouble ur self rm38 maybe ok? try nego with him a bit..heh

thanks for the comments :)