Saturday, January 22, 2011

Calsonic 350Z

After such a long search..i got it! not that its very hard to find but the prices set for it are always high and ridiculous...luckily found it at amcorp at a good price. Before i was aiming for the Tomica Limited version but that was pure impossible now so this one will do. Actually, this one is even better IMO. Enjoy the pics!

Then i found out that there is actually a variant for this car..mine was a release from 2006 while the other one is from 2004..the one in 2004 has decals at the tires but lack the windscreen decals.

Below is the comparison with the 2007 Nismo test car..even the body kit is different..proof that kyosho really take serious attention to details and just not recolor using the same casting over and over again.

Followed by a comparison with the casting of tomica calsonic 350z..the TL version is using the same casting as the regular thus this comparison is valid..kyosho's casting accuracy is a lot better here

The reason for the good price i got is probably because its in loose condition..but then if the BIB condition will cost u like XX more than there is no point to it..better get myself a rm5 daiso case instead ^_^
anyway glad that the search for this one is over! 


kuku said...

eh lawa jugak calsonic ni. i'm wondering mine one is which year one now...

shaz @ kurz said...

see the tires lah
ehh u got??
show show! :P :P

ifadah said...

how much? ada cari di amcorp tapi tak pernah jumpa..

shaz @ kurz said...

dlm 30+..dah habis pun
kebetulan dapat last piece ^^

kown said...

mcm tau je beli kt mane.hehee.. kyosho advan kondo pn nice gak.. congrats bro

shaz @ kurz said...

u know i know la..haha