Monday, January 10, 2011

New Speed Machines Additions!

It has been quite a while since my last Speed Machine post..not that there is rarely restock but the thing is i rarely buy variations..i prefer having one variant that looks the best compare to other variants.
anyway these are what came during the 7E sales last month (year) lol

This is the second variation i have..this version imo looks even better than the first one..
like it even more because it follows the theme of the original 1996 Mclaren GTR prototype

This is also the second variation of the casting that i have..guess it looks good in silver

This NSX casting is the first one i have in my collection, :P
the previous variations didn't get to my "want-to-buy" state.
not that i dont like NSX but i just didnt find the tampo interesting.
This one though is the best of them all..
would have been better if the red is in green or yellow so it will look like the takata nsx gt car :)

That is all for now..Speed Machines series is really a great addition to the Hot Wheels world since i find the mainline cars hardly impressive nowadays..anticipating more cool line up after this! :)


komenda said...

that Audi is nice!

danielh said...

i like that red NSX, very matching colors with the como wheels!

shaz @ kurz said...

yea nice..better looking than the R8 speed machines :)

sure is!

Kunal said...

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