Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lamborghini JLOC

Wow almost 4 months of inactivity! haha
been wanting to post these two cars from Kyosho Lamborghini collection 3.
there are many interesting models from the series but considering price worth i decided on getting the GT cars here they are!

oops wrong label :P

JLOC stands for Japan Lamborghini Owner's Club and is also a racing team that actively participating in All Japan GT Championships (JGTC)

Just notice the top-back view looks like a cockroach omg! lol

Given the details and heavy racing decals all over the cars, they are totally worth it! 


kown said...

wow!!!from kyosho..u must complete set R-GT team JLOC :D nice pics ;)

mushr00m said...

Nice cars.. Nice picture taken..
Luckily not into these casting.. hehehe.. anyway, nice cars there bro..

ronnychee96@hobbiescorner said...

wow!! This lambo really got the very nice tampo all round!I dont even have one!! eheheh!!
Btw..nice pics..bro!!

shaz @ kurz said...

haha ko dah blog pasal ni lama dah aku baru nak post :P

thanks..not too long till u get poisoned maybe..heheh

i have feelings u'll have one later..haha :P

Eric @ Loon said...

All pretty Kyosho... I like it but I miss it.

komenda said...

Very nice models of Lambo!

shaz @ kurz said...

u mean u wanted it but miss the wave?

thanks..nice indeed :)