Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Motul Autech GT-R

After my 1st purchase of the Nismo Z few months back, i was totally in love with kyosho 1/64..the level of detailing is irresistible indeed! One of my main target then was this Motul GT-R..really glad i finally have it in hand, and at a good price too! thanks to my friend Kendrew frome Diecast Empire :D
Now let the pictures do the poisoning!! :D

though i've been referring it as Motul Autech GT-R, the one stated here is different..not sure if the naming is correct..anyway like any other kyosho, this one comes with a base, but not with the box..only a hard plastic cover as enclosure..probably because its from a "tikam" set.
(or in english is called random set or blind set? not sure ^ ^ ;)

look at the sheer details and paint job, the previous me would not be able to tell whether this is a 1/64 or not..really awesome stuff :D

The one thing I'm wondering here is what is the logo at the side represents? if u ask me, it looks more like my local school badge..hahah

close up on the for bigger images

Never get tired of this :)

Totally no regret in getting this one..i guess i'll really start collecting kyosho 1/64 now..but probably will focus on the GT cars cuz this is where kyosho's superiority in detailing shines! Poisoned? i hope u are :P

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not a Toy

Any toy can become a serious hobby when there is a community of collectors collecting them. No matter if the toy is originally meant for children or not, the thing that will make it really sell in the market imo would be the existence of collectors or players.
Anyway, im not gonna talk about such serious topic like how worth is your collection or what..but instead a more trivial thing i've just thought about as i browse through my collection today.
It is about the target age that the stuff originally meant for.
i notice that i have model cars that have the notice of 3+,8+ and so on..
so which one in my collection is the most "for adult" only? lets find out..LOL :P

with the least detailed and less parts, hotwheels, mbx and tomica regular is for 3+ and above..don't get tempted by the sad face ur child below 3 gave you.. ^^

this is from 1/72 real-x says taishou nenrei 6 sai ijou which means target age 6 years or older..heh

8+ for hot wheels garage/delivery series, Jada and maisto

14+ for kyosho 1/64, autoart 1/43 and tomica limited..since the difference in material between TL and its regular tomica is just the rubber i guess rubber tires are really not for kids..haha

this one is from aoshima 1/64..i think it is too ambitious for them to put 15+ because kyosho 1/64 has more small parts than them..heh

and the winner is..or should i say, the model that should be kept farthest away from ur children is this Ebbro 1/43..only show this to your children when they are 16+ ok?? hahah

As funny and nonsense this post is about, wonder what is the most dangerous for kids item you guys collect at home?! ^^;

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tomica Limited #0120 : Lancer EX2000 Turbo

This TL was out last July. For some reason the stock on this one is quite low locally
so i guess i was quite fortunate to be able to grab it.
This EX2000 is popular because of its involvement in the 1982 Rally of the 1000 lakes in Finland,
where it achieved 3rd place. Also it earned the reputation of Europe fastest available 2WD drive production car in the 2-litre category in 1981.
With its powerful engine and well-balanced handling, the EX went on to become a proud successor to the first Lancer. The achievement it had in the past surely make the die-cast be in any Lancer fan wanted list.

Another reason why i like this car is because of its similarities with Proton's 1st generation Saga,
which was out in 1985, and stay in production till 2008! very long indeed.

Even though actually the Saga was based on the 4th generation Lancer,
i think it looks more like the EX2000..good car it was. :)