Thursday, March 10, 2011

THE Bugatti Veyron

We all know why Bugatti Veyron is so popular; it's the fastest, most epic, most expensive, most majestic looking street legal car. well if we talk about being the fastest, the normal Veyron is no longer the one but its Super Sport version still is! As a tribute to this awesome car ever i thought of getting the best replica of it.

Being a 1/64 scale collector, surely i'll not buy the 1/18 nor the 1/43 version even though the detailing is next to perfect. Hotwheels was the only brand i can look up for one but it cant really represent the charming charisma the real car has. Then i found out about this Limited Edition Veyron from AutoArt, ooh how expensive it is! lol..but lucky me, during my visit in Beijing i found a shop selling it at a very irresistible price..So here it is!!!!

The limited edition comes with plain rough cardboard type of box instead of the normal glossy ones.
i prefer the normal ones

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Calsonic Impul GT-R (R35)

After i finally got my long search Calsonic Z, i found another target of getting the whole Calsonic team!
LOL..the hunting never ends..anyway here is the second Calsonic car i got recently..The GT-R!!

Actually i got poisoned by my friend Loon who posted a picture of his Xanavi team.
and since i already got the Z, why not i just start with the calsonic team? lol