Saturday, March 5, 2011

Calsonic Impul GT-R (R35)

After i finally got my long search Calsonic Z, i found another target of getting the whole Calsonic team!
LOL..the hunting never ends..anyway here is the second Calsonic car i got recently..The GT-R!!

Actually i got poisoned by my friend Loon who posted a picture of his Xanavi team.
and since i already got the Z, why not i just start with the calsonic team? lol

GT-R looks best in "corner baring" style indeed! heh

Really need to sharpen my photoshop skills, 
radial blur + motion blur not enough to make it looks cool XD

The body kit looks just like the Motul Autech version i talked about earlier

At first i thought the decal is different for both cars..but nooo~ i was wrong.
turned up there's a variation for the GT-R with the exact same decals of the Z!
NO, im not gonna get it..haha!

Side by side with the Motul GT-R..really cool stuff!

mmm could have been better looking with a better camera...argh~ can't wait to get one!

So, which JGTC team livery u guys like and want to collect most? =)


saruman said...


Anonymous said...

Your pics look great. No need for new camera. :)

shaz @ kurz said...

haha thanks..i still want! heheh

Calvin's BLOG !! said...

Fuiyoh poison piccccccc the first one. Tilting sure is fun~

shaz @ kurz said...

with ur camera sure will look 10x better..hoho :D