Tuesday, March 6, 2012

VW Scirocco

Volkswagen cars are always on the top in every Malaysian collector's list. Not only because of the brand, but the cars are famous here in Malaysia. IMO VW hatchbacks or the short term, hot hatches are always among the best design cars. my personal favorite would be the Golf and scirocco.
Hot wheels first release the scirocco casting in 2010..but the one from Speed Machine series caught my interest most because of the cool highlights on the car details. The casting i believe is based on the GT-R version. The other brand is from siku which features the scirocco in its stock form. It was my first Siku and yes I like it :)

Even though there are from different brands, taking pics of them side by side looks perfect!

 Even though it is said Siku cars are in 1/50 scale, but this one is not too far off of its HW counterpart

Almost identical to each other..though it would be better if the rear light of the HW is made wider.
On the other hand the plate number on the Siku could have been highlighted.

Siku seriously need better wheels..
the size is perfect, maybe just the rims need to be more appealing like the HW rims.
i actually painted the rims a bit to highlight the depth between the spokes or..holes? lol

Overall these two cars compliment each other well and they are priced quite the same too. For me the Scirocco are worth considering the details highlighted to the car while the Siku has better detailing and openable doors!


TheRealGonzales said...

Me want that HW VW Scirocco! That VW really looks good, thanks to you that has been added now to my hunts list. Great pictures by the way!

shaz @ kurz said...

i was lucky to get it from a friend! i still think this variant is the nicest among others! second nicest would the new white variant :D